Winter biking

Winter Cycling in Luosto - Embrace Lapland's Frozen Beauty

Discover the thrill of winter cycling in Luosto, where the frosty landscapes of Lapland come alive. Explore our unique programs and embark on a memorable winter adventure today!

In total there is 52 kilometers of winter biking routes in Pyhä-Luosto: 40 kilometers in Pyhä and 12 kilometers in Luosto.

You can join a guided tour in the Pyhä-Luosto National Park, or, would you prefer, to rent a bike for independently cruising around in the Luosto. Luosto offers excellent environment for fatbiking. The most exquisite route options are located in Pyhä-Luosto National Park.

What do you need to know before winter cycling?

Winter biking offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful winter landscapes and nature while exercising.

Winter cycling is cycling in winter conditions, especially on snowy and icy roads and trails. For winter cycling, special electrically assisted fat bikes (e-fatbikes) are used. Winter bikes have wider tires for better grip on snow and ice, and electric assist makes it easier to navigate challenging terrain.

N.B! Routes in open spaces can have steep snow and difficult to navigate in windy weather. When cycling in winter, it is good to wear warm clothes, good gloves, long shoes and windproof clothing to keep warm in cold conditions.


Winter biking trails and how to cycle on them?

Winter biking trails in Pyhä-Luosto

  • Pealse remember that It is not allowed to cycle or walk on snowshoes on the skiing tracks! Finns are very careful that the tracks are only for cross-counrty skiers.
  • The biking trails are marked with blue singposts, or with blue winter biker symbols.
  • Groomed once a week with a snowmobile. Except Pyhä wilderness trail that is mostly maintained together with the ski trails.
  • The trail is suitable for winter biking, walking and snowshoeing.
  • Pets are welcome when kept on a leash.
  • The winter biker is abliged to yield walkers & skiers.

Check when the winter biking trail were maintained last time:

The color code tells you how far it is from the last maintenance.

  • Green = less than 48 hours
  • Orange = under 5 days ago
  • Yellow = less 14 days ago
  • Grey = over 14 days ago

Bike rental

Bike rental Luosto

Bike rental Pyhä: 

Winter biking trails in Luosto

In Luosto, the trails start from Luosto portti (pictured below), near the slopes, next to Juha's waxing point. Luosto portti serves as the starting point for a circular route to Lampivaara and a trail to Tikkalaavu. From Tikkalaavu, you can also cycle around Ahvenlampi and join the Luosto village cycling route, which follows pedestrian pathways.

KPyhä-Luosto winter biking map PDF

Please note that, even though the trails are maintained, weather conditions can quickly affect their condition, and in open areas, the route may get snowed over.

One of the most popular routes is the Lampivaara winter cycling route, a 10 km circular route. The Lampivaara route is of medium difficulty and takes you to the majestic slopes of Ukko-Luosto and the beautiful Lampivaara, where you can even search for your own amethyst.

Recreational structures along the route include the Lampivaara café and the Lampivaara lean-to shelter, which has a woodshed and a dry toilet. The route is marked with blue plowing signs and winter cycling signs, with the recommended direction being counterclockwise to safely navigate the more challenging uphill sections.

The route starts at Luosto portti and passes through the forest on the right side of the ski track (own trail, not in ski track).It ascends towards the flank of Ukko-Luosto, offering stunning views of the open fell area as it approaches the Ukko-Luosto parking area. At the Ukko-Luosto parking area (starting point for the Amethyst Mine), the route enters a loop section, crosses the ski trail, and then starts climbing towards Lampivaara. The route follows its own path on the left side of the ski trail. The return route follows the service road and rejoins the starting section at the parking area.

You can also take an additional detour to Rykimäkuru Hut, which is open starting from week 8.

See the cycling routes in Pyhä-Luosto from Outdooractive's map service



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