Lapland Ski Resort Luosto slopes and lifts

10 slopes, 3 lifts and Magic Carpet.

Opening hours of the slopes of Luosto for the season 2023-2024

Rinteiden aukioloajat kaudella 2023-2024
Season 23-24 Opening hours
11.11.-24.11. Mon-Fri Closed
25.11. - 23.12. Mon-Sun from 10am-5pm
Christmas 24.12.-25.12. Christmas eve 10am-3pm Cristmas day from Noon-7pm
26.12.-7.1. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat-Sun 10am-5pm
8.1.-18.2. Mon-Thu 10am-5pm Fri-Sat from 10am-7pm Su 10am-5pm
19.2.-10.3. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat-Sun 10am-7pm
11.3.-7.4. Mon-Thu 10am-5pm Fri-Sat 10am-7pm Sun 10am-5pm
Easter 29.-31.3.2024 from 10am-6pm
8.4.-20.4. Mon-Sun 10am-5pm

Get familiar with Luosto slopes

Competition slope

Competition slope (1)
The 900-metre-long slope to the left of the Sunny Lift is a fast-paced slope for skilled skiers. The slope profile is variable. When leaving the lift, you can gather momentum at the top of the slope to the steeply rolling challenging section of the middle of the slope, which ends with a gentle almost flat slide to the Sun Lift.


Powder snow in Sunny Gorge (Aurinkokuru)
To the left of the Competition slope is Sunny Gorge (Aurinkokuru), one of Luosto's best-known ski lift powder snow areas, and the off-piste area that ends up in Ukko-Luosto from Luosto's weather radar. However, everyone who goes outside the groomed slopes must remember that outside the groomed slopes, you always count at your own risk, and you should never go off-piste skiing on your own.




Sunny slope

Sunny Slope (2)

When viewed from the foot of the slope, the 900-metre-long Sunny Slope on the right side of the Sunny lift, thanks to its varied slope profile, offers real skiing pleasure for both skiers and snowboarders. The slope is well suited for enthusiasts who have already gained confidence in its skiing, as it is classified as a red slope of medium difficulty. The Sunny slope can be accessed from the upper station of Main Slope via the Upper Traverse Route number 11.



Funny Slope

Funny Slope (3)

To ski on the Funny Slope skiers or snowboarders can use either one of the lifts, Main lift or Sunny lift. When starting from both lifts, the tops of the slopes are easy to ski, as well as the end of the slope when returning to the lifts, but the steep middle part of the slope requires both skill and speed control from the skiers and snowboarders. The length of the Funny Slope is approx. 1100 m.


Tree Ride

Tree Ride (4)

Freeride skiing&snowboarding area.

Mid slope

Mid slope (5)


Like Funny slope, the Mid slope (1100 m) is an easy but overall fast-paced slope to ski or snowboard. Skilled skiers and snowboarders will also enjoy the extremely steep part on the middle of the slope. If you wish, you can avoid a steep part after the gentle top of the slope by going along the Central Traverse (No. 13) to the Main slope (No. 8) or the easy Mains Hook (8b) and thus down to the Main lift.

Adventure Path & Family Slope

Adventure Path (6) & Family slope (7), Tube hill and tobogganing

Families and beginners enjoy spending time in Luosto in the Family slope area. The area consists of two slopes, an action-packed Adventure Trail going down through the forest and a safe and wide Family Slope. Looking from the foot of the fell in the middle of the Family slope, there is a Mini Park on the left side for those who enjoy the thrill of speed, where you can safely practice easy jumps and rails. The Family slope lift is an easy Platter lift even for smaller skiers. There is also a Magic Carpet in the Family slope area, which you can use to climb up the Tube and Toboggan Hill. With the Family slope area ticket, the tube and toboggan runs can be enjoyed by everyone who enjoys outdoor activities, not just those who enjoy the slope with skis or a snowboard. 



Main slope & Kantakierto

Main Slope (8) & Main Hook (8b)

Main slope is the longest slope in Luosto, 1400 m. From the top and bottom it's easy slope, the short steep part of the middle of the slope makes it a bit challenging. If you wish, you can avoid the steep part by going from the top of the steep to the Main Hook trail in the forest. Main Slope can be easily enjoyed by everyone, as there are three exit points from the Main lift. The first exit point is from the same height as the Platter lift on the Family Slope, the second exit point is at the top of the steepest part of the slope and the third at the top of the slope. 



Snow Park

Snow Park (9)

Luosto's Snow Park starts right at the end point of Main Hook (8b). Snow Park has a few big boxes and rails. Snow Park is about 500 m long.



Patakuru (10)


Patakuru is the slope  on the left from the top of the slope. The slope connects to the Main slopes well above the steepest part of the slope, so the skier can go down either along the Main slope steep run or along the Main Hook (8b) . From Patakuru, you can also easily move to the off-piste area near the Main slope area of Luosto. However, everyone who skis or snowboards outside the groomed slopes must remember that outside the groomed slopes, you always count at your own risk, and you should never go off-piste skiing on your own.