Diverse fishing spots in Pyhä-Luosto

Located in Lapland, Pyhä-Luosto offers a unique combination of beautiful fell nature and fish-rich waterways that attract both locals and tourists.

In addition to other activities, fishing is one of the hobbies of many people coming to Lapland on holiday in winter. After all, ice fishing is a rare experience in the world. The secrets of fishing either independently or under the guidance of a programme service company. Fish species in the area usually include pike, perch, trout and grayling. 


Martin Pilkki ice fishing competition is big local event 

Luosto hosts the annual Martin Pilkki ice fishing competition, which gathers the whole family to the ice of Lake Ahvenlampi to compete, for example, for winning a new car. The top 10 results will be rewarded. Martinpilkit is organized by Lions Club Sodankylä. The funds raised from ice fishing are used to support the activities of children, young people and the elderly.

What you need to know before fishing in Pyhä-Luosto?

The fisheries management fee is required if you are 18-64 years of age and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing. The fisheries management fee entitles you to fish in nearly the entire country using one rod.

Minimum catch sizes and protection periods: The minimum catch size is the shortest allowed length for a caught fish. Minimum catch sizes are set to ensure the sustainable use of fish stocks and promote the recovery of certain stocks.

An easily accessible fishing spot in Luosto is Metsähallitus' pole-fishing area Ahvenlampi. All fishing, angling and ice fishing require an Ahvenlampi rod permit. The permit can be purchased either from the online store or from the Visitors Centre Naava from Pyhä. Duckboards run around the pond to facilitate fishing from the shore. It is forbidden to use a boat in the pond. Catch-sized rainbow trout are regularly stocked in the pond.

Driving distance from Luosto, near Lake Vuojärvi, flows the River Raudanjoki, which is an excellent place for fly and casting enthusiasts. The permit can be purchased from Erä service. Lake Pyhäjärvi is located at the Pyhätunturi, and the River Pyhäjoki offer a good setting for fishing and canoeing and kayaking. The rod permit is sold by the fishermans joint property management association. Angling and ice fishing with one rod are general fishing rights, and they do not require a special permit for Lake Pyhäjärvi.